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Delivery Driver

Job Description:
  1. Pick up and delivery of materials and products.
  2. Maintain warehouse and office facilities.
  3. Assist with service work if necessary.
Job Responsibilities:
  1. Pull orders for daily deliveries.
  2. All sales orders must have printed name of the person accepting the delivery and the time of the delivery.
  3. All delivery paperwork will be handed to the office assistant at the end of each day. All picking tickets should be given to Tom and marked with the customer's name to who the product was sold.
  4. Keep all shelves and displays stocked with products and clean.
  5. Keep Swimkare area (office and warehouse) clean and neat.
  6. Keep log of maintenance on the delivery vehicle (ie: oil changes, tires, brakes).
  7. When business is slow, help with closings, service work and assist office assistant with phones, walk in customers and UPS.
  8. Keep warehouse area clean stocked. If inventory is low make General Manage aware.
  9. Maintain professional appearance at all times. Swimkare shirt, no ripped jeans or flip flops.
  10. Obey all traffic laws, always wear a seat belt when driving.
  11. Treat all customers and vendors with courtesy and respect.
  12. Scheduled work days consist of 7:30 am to 5 pm with 2 hour for lunch. Scheduled work days may include Saturdays during in-season months of March - September. Other Saturdays may be scheduled on an as needed basis pending work load.
  13. To be a loyal and supportive company representative at all times.
This list may be amended as deemed necessary by the company.

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