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Customer Service Rep / Office Assistant

Job Description:
  1. Handle answering of phones & proper routing of messages.
  2. Take product orders and generate sales orders.
  3. Order items not in stock necessary for deliveries (with daily assistance from Service Manager).
  4. Maintain client files with constantly updated information.
Job Responsibilities:
  1. Answer phones, handle customer inquiries and rout messages to correct person.
  2. Maintain professional appearance at all time. Company shirt, no ripped jeans, flip flops.
  3. Generate sales orders, edit and process sales orders and generate invoices daily.
  4. Order items not in stock necessary for the daily deliveries.
  5. Maintain inventory.
  6. Familiarize yourself with all existing equipment we service utilizing tech manuals, manufacturers information, other members of the company.
  7. Keep all client information in computer up to date.
  8. Contact clients following deliveries for customer feedback.
  9. Put on answering service each night.
  10. Handle walk in retail sales traffic.
  11. Track all back orders and expedite quickly.
  12. Track all liquid chlorine deliveries.
  13. Ship and receive all UPS deliveries.
  14. Attend mandatory staff meetings.
  15. Assist with all work processing necessary (letters, proposals, bulk mailings).
  16. Scheduled work days consist of 8:30 am to 5 pm with an hour for lunch ( to be taken from 12 to 1 ). Scheduled work days include Saturdays during in-season months of March - September, other Saturdays as necessary.
  17. Complete time sheet each day and turn into the Office Manager.
  18. Be a loyal and supportive company representative at all times.
This list may be amended as deemed necessary by the company.

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